Monday, May 19, 2008

Weight Part 2

I took my bike to a&b and weighed it this weekend; it turned out my bathroom scale was pretty accurate. The official weight is 26.75 pounds. I then took my flyweight beast to little sac and proceeded to cover it with mud. I also took my dogs (heavyweight beasts) with me and had a great time; they absolutely love going with me on my rides and sometimes I enjoy it too. Dingo (the weimaraner) always leads and kupfer always follows. Dingo even kicked some mud in my face this time. That was nice. Anyway, after we finished our 2 hour ride I did my normal de-tick routine before putting them in the car. They were covered in ticks. I must have removed at least 30 from each of them before we left, then after the group shower at home I took probably another 30 off them; I’ve never seen so many ticks. I sprayed myself and the dogs with off before the ride and I only had 1 on my leg. I think the boys will be limited to greenways trails until I figure some way to keep the ticks off. That just took too much time…..

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yesterday on (a place I hang out often; I'm 417markg) someone asked me what my bike weighed. I had no idea since I've never put it on a scale but it seems light to me. Well last night I got on my home scale and picked up the bike and it was 26 pounds. Then I put just the bike on the scale and again 26 pounds. I know that's not very scientific but it has to be pretty close. Next time I'm at a&b cycle (a great lbs btw) I'll put it on their digital scale and see what the "official" weight is. Until then I'll go with 26 pounds; I like it.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I want to document the trails I've ridden and I'd love to create maps of the trails (someday) but for now I'll just create a list with the highlights and lowlights and go from there.

I bought two domain names: and Neither of them work right now but i have big plans. Little sac is technically a "park" owned by the springfield/greene county park board, but from what I've seen they don't do anything to improve or promote it. That's a shame since it's really a nice place to ride, very close to Springfield and has a dedicated group of volunteers that maintain the trail system. But it has practically no documentation and is not very welcoming for newcomers. I'd like to change that.