Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year

2010 has been a great year, exceeding my expectations in many ways.  This was my first full year of mountain bike racing and I did pretty well against some excellent competition.  

The highlight as far as racing came pretty early in the year with my 3rd place finish at Syllamo's Revenge.  That was the result of some very hard off season training, some early distance racing and a lot of luck. I rode about as well and as hard as I could and it paid off.

The highlight for riding was the Durango to Moab Hut-to-Hut trip in July.  It was an amazing experience with an awesome group of people.  I plan to do a detailed write-up of the trip, but needless to say, I'd do it again in a second.

I did my first adventure race this year, the Castlewood 8 Hour in early December.  I raced in the 4 person co-ed division with Luke Kuschmeader, Jamie Wynne and Dee Anne Sheridan.  I loved it and I'm looking forward to doing more of them.  We're planning on doing the Bonk Hard Chill in February.  

2011 will be a mix of mountain bike and adventure racing.  I'm doing a lot of running right now which cuts into my time on the bike, but I really enjoy it and it's necessary to do well in AR.  I also hope to travel more and ride in more parts of the country.  I got a taste of riding in Colorado and I want more of that.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Man, no posts since RIM?  Pretty sad.  I've got several saved as drafts but I haven't found the time to put up anything halfway coherent.  Anyway, I got a pretty cool package today.  Turns out I finished 2nd in the 30-39 class of the Arkansas Mountain Bike Marathon Series and they sent me a nice plaque.  

The series consisted of the Spa City 6 Hour, Ouachita Challenge and Syllamo's Revenge.  I did fairly well in the Arkansas races, so it's no surprise I plan on doing all of them next year.