Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cyclewerx Crankfest/MWFTS race update

The results have been posted for the race. See them here.

There were some impressive times in all classes and it seems I didn't do very well overall, but I did a little math on my lap times and I'm pretty happy with them:

  1. 16:21
  2. 16:25
  3. 16:51
  4. 16:33
  5. 16:37
  6. 16:32
I remember struggling on the 3rd lap; I wasn't doing (or feeling) very well and was getting frustrated with myself and contemplated giving up the racing and just taking it easy and enjoying the ride but I think the slower time allowed me to recover a little so I could get my drive back and push the last 3 laps. I've never considered myself a quitter but when I get exhausted the mind games start. Once when I was younger and running a 5k race I was in third chasing down the guy in second when we came to a steep hill; the last one of the race. I charged up the hill trying to overtake the other runner but he sped up and held me off. When we crested the hill he had about a 2 second lead. I was so freaking tired and it was like a switch flipped in my head and I said to myself "third place isn't that bad" and we both coasted to the finish. I guess everyone has that switch, and I've got a lot to learn about racing, I just hate that I'm ever willing to give up.

UPDATE: Someone posted a link to pictures of the race on the stlbiking.com forum. Here's the link to the album. Here's some of me at the start (in 3rd, #975):

Here's a good picture of the course:

Here's a picture of the best cheering section (those guys were having more fun than anyone):

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