Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009 Little Sac 12 Hour Good Time Race

This Saturday is the Little Sac 12 Hour Good Time Race. I rode at Little Sac this evening and they were marking the course for the event.  To my surprise it's largely the same one they used last year.  The only difference is a small section they added at the start of the race.

According to my bike computer, which isn't entirely accurate, the length of each lap is 5.8 miles.  I did 2 laps and they were both right around 35 minutes.  I rode solo in last years race and I'd let you know what my lap times were but I can't because they never posted the results to last years race

The hardest part of the course (at least for me last year) was a long gradual climb in the middle of the lap.  It's not steep but it wears on you over time.  Also the one section were I saw the most people pushing their bikes last year has had a new trail cut next to the old one so it's not as difficult to navigate.  It's a great single speed course, in fact if I remember correctly, the fastest lap last year was by a guy on a fully ridged single speed. 

For the most part the trails are in good shape and ready to race.  They did a good job preparing the park for the OMBA Caramba race a couple months ago and the trails they used are still great.  The few that weren't used for that race could use a little cutting back but I'm sure that will be done before Saturday.

We had some rain today and there's more in the forecast but Little Sac drains pretty well and other than a few low lying spots mud won't be a problem.   But be prepared for it just in case.  Also keep in mind that Little Sac has the most thorns per square mile west of the Mississippi (citation needed) so either go Tubeless or carry a few patch kits.

Unfortunately I won't be at this year's race, I'll be racing at Castlewood in a MWFTS event.   I wish everyone good luck and I look forward to seeing the results (yeah, right!).

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