Friday, October 23, 2009

Race Across The Sky

I saw the movie Race Across The Sky last night at the Hollywood Theater in downtown Springfield.  It was a one time showing of the movie and looking at the audience was like looking at a snapshot of Springfield's cycling scene.  There were a lot of people from my spin class there and all the people I normally ride with, but overall it wasn't that many people.  The theater was pretty full but not packed. 

The movie was very good.  It's basically a documentary/highlight reel of this years Leadville Trail 100 mile mountain bike race.  It starts with a 15 minute panel interview of the race founder and top 5 race finishers,  then the movie, then more of the panel.   It's pretty impressive that the race was just a couple months ago and they were able to put out the movie so soon.

Watching the movie was pretty emotional; it's inspiring, touching and in some ways very sad.  The scenery is amazing and the quality of the production is top notch.

Hopefully the movie makes it to wide release and gets more people to try mountain biking and gets more mountain bikers to try racing.

I give it an A.


  1. encore showing November 12th and tickets on sale November 6th