Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Epic in hand

Yesterday I called A&B Cycle intending to bitch about why I didn't have my new bike yet.  When I got Pete on the line I asked "Do you know where my bike is" and he replied "Yeah, I'm looking at it".   NICE!  They were in the process of putting it together and said I could come pick it up in the afternoon.

I got the bike around 3 and after taking several photos headed out to little sac to get it dirty.  Here are some pics:
My ride was short but sweet.  I didn't have much daylight to play with and I spent most of the time tinkering with the suspension settings but the ride is amazing and I can't wait until this weekend when I'll be able to really test it out.  I'll take it out on the new I-64 on Saturday, followed by a day on the trails around St. Louis.

The shop set it up with tubes and since I rode at sac I got a thorn flat.  After I got home I converted it to tubeless and it was the easiest conversion I've ever done.  The front tire (an s-works captain 2bliss) sealed with a floor pump and the rear tire (an s-works fast trak 2bliss) sealed with a short shot from the air compressor.  The bike came with the rim strips and stems so the only thing I needed was the stans.

I still have a little adjusting to do on the suspension but it's close to perfect.  Man, I love this bike!


  1. I have a 09 s-works epic, having huge issues with my derailer, specialized is looking into it, driving me crazy, i want to switch to the xx set up, do you think it lightens the bike up and is do you miss the 3 rings. ? thanks sweet ride

  2. I've got an X0 setup on my 08 Stumpjumper FSR and I have to say the XX group is like night and day. Shifting is flawless and I haven't had any issues shifting under load; none of the grinding I had before. I've read online that the XX is lighter than the X0 group but it can't be by much.

    I don't think I'll miss the 3 rings. I've been contemplating a 1X9 setup for awhile on my Stumpy so 2X10 feels like it's still too much.

    Check this thread for info on switching to XX on an 09 epic:

  3. I don't know didly about mountain bikes, but even I can tell that is one sweet ride! Enjoy!

  4. Thanks for the input, ive rode a epic s-works since 04 traded in every year, i had to wait forever to get the 09 lol, i think ill have to get a xx group and set it up shouldnt be to much thanks for the thread, so how is it riding ?

  5. Alexandre Abdo HadadeSeptember 19, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    Mark, I have to make a decision: Gary fisher Superfly 100 29er or a Epic Expert Carbon 29er. What you would recommend? I am not a professional, but I do ultramarathon races like Cape Epic and Transrockies. Thnaks a lot, Alex