Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night someone broke into my Jeep and my girlfriends car.  They broke out the passenger side windows on both vehicles and rummaged through all the contents.  They also looked through my shed to see if there was anything they wanted in there.

All that was taken was an old iPhone that I had hooked up to my stereo.  If somebody wanted it that badly they could have asked for it and I would given it to them.  The biggest pain is cleaning up the mess and getting our windows replaced.

The cars were parked in our carport, and this just gives me more incentive to build a garage.  We reported the break-in and theft to the police and they took the report over the phone.  I guess it wasn't serious enough to warrant a visit.

I hope whoever did it either gets caught or turns their life around.  It's a crummy feeling to go out to your car in the morning and see broken glass everywhere.  I'd hate for anyone else to have it happen to them.

Here's the scene of the crime:

Notice the Atlas security sign on the fence.  Unfortunately the security system is for the house only.  Maybe I need to install some lights out there with motion sensors on them.  I really just want a garage....

UPDATE:  I was called by the officer investigating the break-in and it turns out there have been several in the area lately.  He's trying to catch them.  I also found out our neighbors car was broken into the same night but nothing was taken; just rummaged through.  Same MO, broken rear window and the thief went in through the window.  If they had unlocked and opened the door the alarm would have gone off.  Hopefully they report it; I'm going to give them the officers number. 

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