Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One finger braking

Most of my thought involving my mountain bike revolves around how I can go faster.  But last night I had a break-through (pun-intended); how I can stop more effectively.

I've always been a two finger braker.  I've read about the benefits and tried to use just one finger but unfortunately I was born with stubby digits and always felt unnatural (and a little rude) using just the middle finger to stop my bike.  My index finger just wouldn't comfortably reach the lever so even though there were times I felt I would have better control leaving 3 fingers on the bar I've erred on the side of being able to stop.

Then last night while fiddling with my bike I realized that the levers on my SRAM XX brakes are adjustable.  The contact point (the distance the lever moves while contracting the brakes) is adjustable as well.  Which means you can move the lever a long way from the bars and have more leverage as you squeeze or you can move the lever right next to the bar and adjust the pad where the brakes will still fully contract.  Awesome!

So I flipped the shifters on my matchmaker xx brackets to the outside and moved the brake assembly in about an inch.  I then adjusted the reach where my index finger could comfortably get to it and the contact pad where the brakes would contract with a 1/2 inch pull.

I tested the setup riding around the neighborhood and it feels great; I can't wait to try it on the trails.

Yay for adjust-ability!

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  1. That's actually pretty slick. I didn't know it could be done!