Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bone Bender

Well, I've had a pretty good break since Ouachita and it's a good thing; I'll be racing the next 5 weekends.  First up this Sunday I'm registered in the 6 hour solo class for Bone Bender at Smithville Lake Trails in Paradise, MO.  It's part of the United Federation of Dirt endurance league.  I've never ridden the trails there but from what I've heard it should be fun. 

The weather looks to be just about perfect and I'm looking forward to the race.  I'll be traveling with several people from Springfield and I expect there will be a good turnout.

On another note, Saturday I was riding at Little Sac when I got a stick caught in the spokes of my rear wheel.  The stick broke 2 spokes and bent a third before I could get stopped.  After a long walk back to the car I went to A&B Cycle to see if they would be able to fix the wheel before this weekends race.  The spokes are DT aerolite's and A&B needed to order them.  Not only did they order them, they had them sent overnight, and the wheel was fixed on Tuesday.  That is very cool, but the coolest thing is they didn't charge me for it.  That's service you don't get when you buy your stuff online.  Support your LBS!

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