Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Springfield Dirt Crits

Okay boys and girls, it's official.  The Springfield dirt crits kick off on Tuesday, Aug 3 at Sac River trails.  There will be 2 classes: beginners and everyone else.  Beginners will race for 20 minutes plus 1 lap and everyone else will race for 30 minutes plus 1 lap.  The course will not be technical but that doesn't mean the race is going to be easy.  You will get a great workout and you will have a great time!

The racing will be every Tuesday evening and will run for 8 weeks!

Starting times and entry fees to follow.

Tell all your friends!

UPDATE:  There is a facebook page with more information.  


  1. Mtb's only or will it be 'cross bike friendly?

    Thanks for any part you had in gettiing this going.


  2. I think a cross or rigid bike would work fine. There's one creek crossing on the course but you 'cross guys are used to jumping off and running :).

    If we can get the field next to the parking lot mowed a little lower we'll put in a chicane to make things more interesting and spectator friendly.

  3. TT Series Reminders! Last Race Tuesday 7/20