Thursday, May 21, 2009

Little Sac trail conditions

I rode little sac this evening and thought I'd make a trail report. Overall the trail is in good riding shape. There isn't any reall mud; only a few soft spots. Many of the trails are pretty overgrown, but that's normal for this time of the year. I imagine with the warmer weather the trail maintenance folks will be out there to get it trimmed back pretty soon.

There were several trees down from the storms a couple weeks ago, but only one that made me get off the bike to go over it. I REALLY wish they would turn some of the downed trees into obstacles instead of just cutting them up and removing them from the trail. My favorite place to ride is the roller coaster trail in Castlewood State park at Ballwin MO. It's a fast, swooping trail that's a blast to ride going either directon. When I first started riding at Castlewood there were lots of logs that crossed the trail on roller coaster and getting to jump them during the ride was a blast. Unfortunately all the logs were removed from the trail and while it's still a lot of fun it just isn't the same; not nearly as challenging. I love obstacles and developing the skills it takes to maintan momentum when going over them. I realize that some people don't want to jump logs, but having logs on one trail in a park is not too much to ask for. The people that don't like them can just skip that trail or get off their bike when they get to the logs.

If anyone has been holding off from going to Little Sac due to worry about poor trail conditions, I encourage you to go. It's ready for you.

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