Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sayersbrook Bison Ranch trail ride

This weekend the ozarks jeepthing club will be at the Sayersbrook Bison Ranch in potosi mo for a club-only trail run. We are expecting about 23 jeeps to participate so it should be a great time. The plan is to head up Friday afternoon, camp that evening, wheel all day Saturday, camp Saturday night and head home Sunday morning.

There is rain in the forecast (surprise!) but I doubt it will put a damper on everyone's enthusiasm. It just makes things more challenging. Besides, I have a winch so no worries.

I've been working on my jeep in preparation for the run; I changed the engine oil and filter, transmission oil and filter, transfer case oil and the differential fluids, topped off the steering and brake fluids and re-torqued all the suspension bolts to make sure nothing comes loose. I also changed my differential covers to a set of RockCrushers (I seem to bang the diffs a lot) and those things are beefy. I also scored a craigslist hard top for the jeep last week. It's a little scratched up (as is everything else on the jeep) but it's structurally sound and I got a really good deal.

Those of you that read the blog might remember that I was planning on participating in the Ozark Greenways adventure race this weekend. Well, one of my teammates has had a foot problem for the last month and hasn't been able to train so I decided to skip the race this year. It kind of sucks because I've been running at least 5 miles every day for the last couple months and feel like I'm in pretty good shape. I guess if I can maintan the fitness over the summer I'll see if I can win the Sac River 12 Hour good time race this year. I came in second in the solo category last year (due to my headlamp running out of jucie) but this year I'll have a second battery on hand. I haven't been riding much lately due to all the rain but when summer hits I'll transition from running to riding. Running in 90 degree heat isn't nearly as fun as flying down the trails.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend, hopefully it lives up to expectations.

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