Thursday, July 9, 2009

OMBA Caramba Race Course

The course for the July 12th mountain bike race at Sac River trails has been posted on the series website.

I've rode the course several times and the section labeled #3 on the map is the toughest section; It's just a long fairly steep hill.

I'm getting pretty pumped about this race; last night I took my bike apart and cleaned and lubed everything in preparation. I think I need to replace one of the sealed bearing cartridges in the hub of my spinergy xyclone disk rear wheel; it's got a slight tick when it free spins but it will be fine.

I ran a pretty hard 5 miles last night, so for the next couple days I'm going to take it easy on the runs and go for a final shakedown ride on Saturday.

Hoping for a good turnout Sunday; there's a 30% chance for rain but this is Missouri so there's no telling.


  1. Nice map Mark, did you use something to make this or just link it from FatTire? I've been using a Garmin 205 to map the course out and it does pretty good but the elevation/time on this map is much better.

    I'm headed out there this afternoon to turn my last two laps, for time, before the race and see how it turns out. I've been getting around 50 minute laps but I'm going to try and push a little harder today.

  2. I just linked to their map. I'd like to pick up a GPS unit as well. I think it'd be awesome to have an accurate map of little sac with trail names. I've even bought a couple domains for publishing the results; and Someday....