Monday, July 13, 2009

OMBA Caramba Race Results

The official race results have been posted for the July 12 Midwest Fat Tire Series mountain bike race at Sac River trails in Springfield MO. Here's a link to the results.

Having participated in the race I find many of the times humbling. I finished 3rd in the Sport 30-39 class, but I'm happy to see that excluding the Marathon racers I had the 15th best time overall. 2 of the Marathon Men had better times through 3 laps than I did and they rode 5 laps. Very impressive.

Since I like "what if's"; if I raced in expert open I would have gotten 8th and if I had raced expert 35+ I would have gotten 3rd (out of 3 riders). My goal is to move into the 35+ expert class at some point so that gives me a good idea where I'm at.

I'm also happy that my pace didn't drop off all that much during the course of the race. My first lap time was 39:12, my second lap time was 39:56 and my third lap time was 40:18.

The photographer at the race has started posting up photos on Flickr, here's a link to the set. I think he did a great job and I'd like to post a few of them here but I'll need to get his permission first.

The next race in the series is in 2 weeks on July 26th in Columbia. I'm going to try to make that race.

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