Saturday, February 20, 2010

Perfect Day

Today may have been the perfect day.  It started at 9am with a home-made banana/strawberry/peanut butter/chocolate/yogurt smoothie, followed by an awesome ride at Sac River. 

The trails where great and the weather was perfect.  I met a few other riders and just had a great time.  My new bike is so much fun to ride.

That was followed by a trip to JQH Arena to watch the Bears beat Nevada in a nationally televised bracket buster game.  It came down to the wire, with them winning on a pair of free throws with 3 seconds on the clock.  We had great seats in the second row right behind the bears basket.  It was such a good game.

Then I went back out to Sac River for another ride.  While riding some of the lesser used trails I discovered that Jason Faegans and his crew have been busy building new trails.  They aren't finished yet but I was able to ride 3 of the new trails and part of a 4th one by following the ribbons.  I also found a new bypass they've put in and lots of trail grooming where erosion has degraded the trail.  There are several miles of new trail and it will be really cool when they are finished.  

After the ride I had a really good steak gorgonzola salad and a peanut butter cookie from the Grotto with some wonderful company .  A perfect day.

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