Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spa City 6 hour mountain bike race

My first mountain bike race of the year is in just a couple weeks.  I'm going to do the Spa City 6 hour race in Hot Springs AR on Feb 27th.  My plan for the weekend is to car-pool with 4 guys from Springfield and arrive early enough on Friday the 26th to be able to pre-ride the course a little, then camp at the race site Friday night, race Saturday and either come home after the race or camp Saturday and drive home Sunday.

I think I'm ready for the race.  Hopefully the temps will be in the 50's and the trails won't be too sloppy.  I've been getting in some fairly long training rides and I plan to ride for 4 hours this Saturday.  I don't have any expectation of doing well at the race, but if I can get in the top 10 I'll be very happy.  I'm just really excited to get this racing season under way.

If anyone reading this is interested in doing the race and wants to car-pool from Springfield, let me know in the comments.  Hot Springs is a great town and Saturday night could be a good time.  We are planning on taking only 1 vehicle, but I wouldn't mind driving if a couple more people want to go.  We'll have a pop-up camper and a pop-up cover.  Just bring your bike and a tent.  This would be a good tune-up race for Ouachita, and it's a USA Cycling event.

Here's a picture I took in Hot Springs last year:

It's going to be a great place to ride.


  1. Looks to be a good race. Good luck!

  2. Hey Mark. At least another 8 going from Springfield. We will have 2 popups. Who else is going with you? I just followed a link to your blog a while back and saw your in SGF. Kind of suprised we havent crossed paths on a ride or something. Will try to look you up in Hot Springs.
    Dennis Rathke

  3. Hey man! Good luck this weekend and stay safe.

  4. Dennis: It's good to hear Springfield will be well represented. I'm going down with Jessie (student), Jared (AB Cycle/Ridge Runner employee), Chris (previously AB Cycle employee) and Brett (????). Are you guys riding solo or teaming up? I'm the only one in our group doing the solo effort. They are the smart ones.

    dimondback/Tracy: thanks!

  5. I might recognize the A&B guys, but Pete is the only one I know by name there.

    At least 6 of us are going it alone, including a couple tough ladies. A little early for a solo effort, but I figure were all in the same boat being a little under trained. Will be a great time anyway.

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