Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My dogs and why I love them

I have 2 dogs; a weimaraner that I bought as a puppy from a local breeder and a mixed breed that I "rescued" from little sac trail.

The weim's name in Dingo. I know that's an odd name for a German breed but the name came to me and I went with it. The picture on the right is of Dingo as a puppy. He's not the brightest dog in the world but he's got a heart of gold and I wouldn't trade him for anything.

Our other dog's name is Kupfer. I've been told that's a German word for copper. I didn't pick it. The picture on the right is of Kupfer as we found him at Little Sac. I can't for the life of me understand why someone would "dump" him, but I'm glad they did because my life wouldn't be as good without him.

Dingo and Kupfer are perfect examples of why dogs are mans best friend; every time I come home they are at the back door waiting for me and are always sad when I leave. You haven't experience
joy until you've seen two dogs jumping all over themselves trying to be the one that greets you as you walk in the house.

Here's a more recent photo:

I run with them nearly every day and I've never had a better running partner. Dingo always runs on the right and Kupfer on the left. They do try to chase every bunny or cat they see and they seem to need a pee break every block or so, but they are probably the best motivators in the world; if someone in the house even says the word "run" then you better be ready to lace up because they won't let you rest until you head out the door. They've even figured out what "r-u-n" means.

They love riding in the car and their favorite food is peanut butter. They have very distinct personalities like Dingo's need to always have the best seat on the couch or be in the middle of the bed at night, and Kupfer's tendency to lay on the stairway landing in the middle of the house so he can keep an eye on both the front and back door at the same time. He is the ultimate watchdog and when he looks you in the eye you can't keep from melting inside and going to get some peanut butter.

I also have a cat named Moses, but he deserves a post of his own....

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