Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More OMBA Caramba training

I rode little sac again yesterday trying to get ready for the OMBA Caramba race on the 12th and it went pretty well. Here were my lap times:

Lap 1 41:21
Distance 6.98
Average 10
Max 21.4

Lap 1 & 2 1:25:37
Distance 13.94
Average 9.7
Max 21.4

I really pushed myself during the ride but I felt better on the hills than I did Saturday. With those 2 laps I would have made the 1:30 cutoff to do 3 laps during the race.

At this point I'm feeling pretty confident; it was VERY hot last night and when I finished the 2 laps I was drenched with sweat. I also emptied my 1 liter camelbak so I'll have to figure something out for the race to get more fluids. I'm thinking I'll be able to drop off the camelbak after the second lap and switch to a bottle.


  1. Hey Mark my name is Matt I live in Nixa and I plan on riding in the race July 12th as well. I've been riding what I think is the race lap in around 45-50 min. Let me know when you plan on going up to Sac this week and maybe I can meet you there.

    email: maynard01@gmail.com

  2. Hey Mark, my name is Matt and I live in Nixa. I to plan on riding in the July 12 race at Sac. Let me know when you plan on going out to Sac this week. I've been turning around 45-50 min laps, but am a little confused where they are going to start the race. You can reach me at: maynard01@gmail.com

  3. Matt: I'll be there Monday @ 5:30 and I'd like to ride the course with you. If 5:30 is too early I can get there later. I've ridden a couple times with Paul (a little sac regular) so if he's down maybe we can get in a group ride. We'll take turns as web catcher.