Friday, June 19, 2009

Mountain Bike Racing

Yesterday evening I went out to the sac river trails for a ride and noticed there were lots of directional markers posted to trees like they do when they designate a course for a race. After my fist lap around the park I followed the markers and it was a pretty good course. It was getting pretty dark and I wasn't wearing my headlight but it took me about 45 to complete the lap.

It got me wondering what the signs were for since I haven't heard anything about a race out there and there's no way the race could have already happened because many of the trails had grass growing on them which means there hasn't been much traffic on the trails and there weren't any tail-tale ribbons tied to any trees around the markers. My only clue were the words
OMBA Caramba that was on every sign.

When I got home I did a little googling and found out there's going to be a race on July 12 and it's part of the midwest fat tire series. Their website doesn't have many details about the race yet but here's a link to the series rulebook that has some good info. I think the entry fee for the beginner and sport classes are $25. For the expert and marathon class it's $30.

Judging from the other races I expect there to be a 1 hour 30 minute cutoff for beginner, sport and expert classes and 3 hour cutoff for marathon; so you complete as many laps as you can in that time. As long as you start your last lap prior to the cutoff then you're allowed to finish that lap.

I want to do this race, the question is; what class? Technically I'd be either a beginner or sport based on my limited racing experience, but since I've been mountian biking for a while and I know the Sac River trails like the back of my hand, I should stay out of the beginner group. But then when I consider what my strenghts are and endurance is at the top of the list. That makes me lean toward the marathon class since I think a longer race helps me (granted I'd be racing against better riders).

I don't know which class to pick, I think I'll wait until more infomation is published on the race. I do know one thing; I'll be out there riding the course tomorrow!

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