Saturday, June 20, 2009

OMBA Caramba race info

I rode the OMBA Caramba race course at the Sac River trails today. I did 2 laps and here's the info from my bike computer

Lap 1
Time 44:03
Distance 6.98
Average 9.5
Max 21.9

Lap 2
Time 48:18
Distance 6.97
Average 8.6
Max 19.4

The first lap I rode pretty hard; there was only one really tough section. By the time I got to the top of the hill I was really dipping into my tank. There was one other hill that was fairly hard but it was much shorter and followed by a lengthy downhill section so I was able to recover pretty quickly. There's also a really long and fast downhill section that will be pretty hairy during the race. It ends with a sharp left turn whereas the trail itself keeps going so there's no bank to help with the turn. I knew the turn was coming up and I still had to lock up my rear brakes to make the turn. I expect someone will go down or fly through the ribbon during the race. There's one other hairy downhill that ends with a sharp left turn in a creek so that could be an issue as well. For the most part the course is well laid out and utilizes the majority of the trails at the park. There aren't any overlapping sections but most of the trails are pretty narrow so passes will be tricky.

I was pretty winded after the first lap so I took it much easier on the second lap. With those two times I wouldn't make the 1:30 cutoff (if that's what it is) to do 3 laps. But I know I could have pushed myself and trimmed a couple minutes off that second lap.

All and all I'm pretty pumped about the race and I'm really looking forward to it. It'll be exciting.

Pic from today:

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