Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm so excited... (que the Pointer Sisters)

I've started working on a project that's going to keep me up very late for many nights to come but I'm really stoked about it and I think it has the potential to pay off "big time".

As I've said before; I do some freelance web programming on the side.
Mainly because I enjoy doing it and the extra cash is always nice. It's mostly small jobs that only take a few days; updating existing sites or debugging something that doesn't work correctly, but last night I started from scratch working on a site that I think has a great business model and if it takes off it will be very lucrative. I was up until 3am but I designed and created the entire database and I'm ready to start working on the pages.

The details are still very hush hush and I don't want to give away the idea but it's funny because while I'm sitting at my day job all I want to do is work on the new site.....

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