Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone goodness!

Today Apple announced OS version 3.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. For a summary of features, check out MacWorld. For a blow by blow of the press event, check out SlashGears livestream.

Here's what I'm excited about:
  • Copy and Paste: I really want to use my phone for more tasks (email, notes etc) but not having copy and paste really hamstrings me. Hopefully the implementation rectifies that.
  • System wide search: yes
  • Landscape mode in all applications: yes!
  • Notes Sync via iTunes: looking forward to this. I use the notes apps quite a bit and it will be nice to transfer them to the PC afterward.
  • Native Voice Memos app: I wasn't happy with the 3rd party apps I tried. If they get it right, it will be something I use often. Now if they can get it to do voice recognition a la the Google voice search then I'll be one happy camper.
  • MMS: A 3G only function, but it's about time. Compelling enough for an upgrade?
  • Stereo Bluetooth: Another 3G exclusive. It's getting more compelling.

3.0 launches sometime this summer (think September), so I have a little time to decide if I want to go to 3G or wait until the next hardware cycle; possibly in time for the holidays.

To me 3G and GPS by themselves weren't a good enough reason to plunk down another $200 AND be locked into the device for 2 years, but adding MMS and stereo bluetooth to the equation makes me wonder. Besides, if you're always waiting for the next version then you'll never get anything because there'll ALWAYS be another version.

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